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25 amazing features!

The BauBax brand is all about creative lifestyle and traveling smart. Our multi-compartmental jacket helps minimize the stress of processing through an airport terminal or just traveling anywhere!
Going through security? Your passport and ID are secured in their RFID pocket. The cabin area cold? Pull out your travel blanket, inflate the built-in neck pillow and the footrest, then settle in for the duration of the flight. You can be prepared and organized while looking fashionable. Travel safe. Travel smart.

  • CNN Money

    "The travel jacket is designed with multiple hidden functions that promise to make commuting of any sort more comfortable and hands-free."

  • ABC News

    "With 15 features -- including a neck pillow and an eye mask -- the jacket was designed with travelers in mind."

  • Buzzfeed

    "This jacket has EVERYTHING — a neck pillow, an eye mask, a drink pocket, microfiber cloth, an iPad pocket, earphone holders…"

  • Fox News

    "This relatively simple looking hoodie boasts 15 features for the traveler who wants everything right at his or her fingertips"

  • Geek Insider

    "The Ultimate Jacket for Anything"

  • Business Insider

    "This 'Swiss Army Knife of jackets' is the most highly funded piece of clothing in Kickstarter history"

  • TechCrunch

    "It’s clear to see why these products have been successful"

  • CNet

    "What price can you put on making sitting in a coach seat just a little more pleasant?"

  • The Huffington Post

    "Hidden beneath its average silhouette is a mind-blowing lineup of 15 travel-friendly features"

  • The New York Times

    "The Travel Jacket Geeks Adore"

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