• CNN Money

    "The travel jacket is designed with multiple hidden functions that promise to make commuting of any sort more comfortable and hands-free."

  • ABC News

    "With 15 features -- including a neck pillow and an eye mask -- the jacket was designed with travelers in mind."

  • Buzzfeed

    "This jacket has EVERYTHING — a neck pillow, an eye mask, a drink pocket, microfiber cloth, an iPad pocket, earphone holders…"

  • Fox News

    "This relatively simple looking hoodie boasts 15 features for the traveler who wants everything right at his or her fingertips"

  • Geek Insider

    "The Ultimate Jacket for Anything"

  • Business Insider

    "This 'Swiss Army Knife of jackets' is the most highly funded piece of clothing in Kickstarter history"

  • TechCrunch

    "It’s clear to see why these products have been successful"

  • CNet

    "What price can you put on making sitting in a coach seat just a little more pleasant?"

  • The Huffington Post

    "Hidden beneath its average silhouette is a mind-blowing lineup of 15 travel-friendly features"

  • The New York Times

    "The Travel Jacket Geeks Adore"